The Cauldron is activated and waiting for you to join us in Creative Circle 🍂

Creatrix Queens is an accountability container for brewing ideas, crafting a path to bring them to life, aligning energy and celebrating personal magick. For winter season, we are calling in the all seeing, wise crone magick. A phase of the year where we align with our higher consciousness and no nonsense truth ✨🔮💃🏼 We take the lessons we’ve learned in life, business and soul and use them to ignite the flame 🔥 under our collective cauldron 🔮 You will also have access to all the past Masterclassses and courses such as my signature Wealth Alchemy program, Moon Mapping Masterclass, Launch Expert, Visibility, Impostor Syndrome, Soul Circle with Lisa Lister, Yasmin Boland + so much more! If you join by 16th Nov, you’ll be invited to the live guest expert Instagram workshop being held on 18th 🌻 ✨ if you feel the pull to join 22 other Creatrix Queens this quarter - head to (*CREATRIX QUEENS IS SEPARATE FROM THE COVEN - THE COVEN DOORS ARE NOW OPEN AGAIN)

  • 🔮 A space to brew ideas

  • 🔮 A space for accountability

  • 🔮 A space to align your energy

  • 🔮 To map around the moon

  • 🔮 A container to hold your magick whilst you craft your delicious desires

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Winter Quarter Closes

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Creatrix Portal

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle + more! There is also a beautifully supportive community on Facebook