I’m raising the signal. Lighting the flares. I need your attention, for a moment. Because I’ve seen you hovering at the edge for a while.

This invitation has not found you by accident, gorgeous one. 💌

I’ve seen that questioning look in your eye, and I think you’ve felt it too, this year.  That stirring within. That rising discontent. That soul-led knowing that there is something meant for you. Something bigger. I’m calling in the magical mavens, the spiritually seeking, the lost and looking… to the experience their souls have been searching for. 

Join me and your wildly empowered sisters on a journey within

Inside I’ll arm you with the spiritual tools you need, and set you free to conjure up the life you’ve always dreamed of. ✨ Join me on the adventure you’ve been seeking. I'll teach you exactly how to:

  • Craft the vision that will propel you from lost in the wilderness to wildly thriving

  • Conjure stoic self-belief in your power to create your divine life

  • Crystallise your spiritual self and tap back into your talent

Masterclass Includes:

    1. START HERE : Welcome Note from Emma

    2. DOWNLOAD:: Wildly Empowered Workbook PDF

    3. BONUS: Grounding Video


    5. BONUS: Wildly Empowered Mantra + Phone Wallpaper

    1. Coven Lovin Video

About this course

  • £9.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What Wildly Empowered Women are saying...

“I replayed this again and oh my goddess I feel so different this morning and determined as well - S Incles”

“Yes yes yes! I TRUST myself! - L Scarbourough ”

“I want to cry happy tears - E Fantom”

Bonus material

To enhance your Wildly Empowered Woman experience further - enjoy these juicy bonuses! (Access to this masterclass + bonus for 3 months from purchase date)

  • Bonus Downloadable PDF

    This PDF has been designed to support you through the three phase masterclass - giving you space to reflect and track your transformation - including EFT Tapping diagram + emotion scale.

  • Bonus Grounding meditation

    It is so important to feel grounded before exploring your edges. Enjoy Emma's replay from the live grounding practice. You can use this in every day situations to return to your body + get rooted, not just this masterclass!