Vibrate Your Bold Energy

What does it mean to be bold? To possess a bold energy? It sure as hex doesn’t mean what a lotta folks like to think. But hey, I’m not like most folks…

How many times have you heard ‘Wow, that was… bold’ used in order to suggest that something was just too much? Too big, too brash, too loud, too shiny. Truth is, bold isn’t any of those things. It’s not something that sets your nerves on edge when it’s flung at you from out there. Bold is a centred space within. It’s an innate energy of courage that is waiting for us to calibrate to its vibration. To tune into its potential. Because bold enables you to make decisions from a place of power, rather than fear.

Nothing's certain out there is it? Though as human beings, certainty is something we crave...

But how certain can we ever really be of anything? Every decision we take is a risk in some form, no matter how 'certain' we feel that it isn't. 

'Bold' means cultivating the certainty you need, from within. It means feeling the fear - and doing the damn thing anyway. Is it something that's going to push you towards attaining wealth? Having an impact? Supporting the life you design? Bold says that you're going to commit, magnetise + take aligned action, Goddess! 

We're not here to do nothing, are we? To wait out the storm, worry about the waves + cling to the mast for this whole wild ride. We're here to make bold moves. To create change. Because if nothing changes, nothing changes... Right? 

Where's your energy right now? Are you clinging to the mast? Or are you ready for a new vibration? Because I'm here to let you know that something bold + beautiful is coming...but not from me, gorgeous one - from YOU

Investment options

Choose the best bold energetic match for how you'd like to invest in your VYBE immersion

Wildly Magnetic & Deliciously Aligned

When our vibe is low, we push from a place of fear. When our vibe is high, bold + beautiful… we don’t push. We’re in alignment. We attract. We succeed. And we experience abundance in life, business + soul.

  • Week One

    Identify your current vibrational energy, decode exactly which people, scenarios + ideas are responsible, and discover the knock-on effects that ripple throughout your life + business as a result

  • Week Two

    Visualise a higher vibration + craft the optimum environment for embodying that vibration every day

  • Week Three

    Understand the purpose + power of masculine and feminine energy and learn how to restore the perfect balance

  • Week Four

    Reassign your energy to a high vibrational outlook and calibrate to a life of infinite possibility + success

  • Week Five

    Embed, Embody + Commit to a more aligned, more fulfilled + more successful you

What They Say...

“I like to call Emma a divine feminine superhero because that’s what she is. She has such a natural ability and way about her to really get to the truth of what you want and need inside. She helps you figure out exactly what you want, what soul success is for you. She knows the exact questions to ask - it’s amazing! An amazing super power! You definitely can’t teach it. Emma is one of a kind, magic! I definitely recommend High Priestess if you need a little extra help with anything at the moment, or if you are just starting out on your soul led business journey, or maybe just trying to figure out what soul success means to you. It was definitely worth the investment, I would have happily paid more and I definitely got everything out of it that I wanted. I came to the end of my journey and everything is as I wanted it to be”

Cat Huntington

“Emma has this uncanny ability to almost see into your soul and help you recognise the bits of yourself that perhaps you’d forgotten but that are intrinsic and make you who you are. She helps you bring that back to the surface so you leave working with her feeling like a much more whole individual than you felt when you first started working with her. I definitely intend to work with Emma again once I have gone through this next phase of my evolution so I can’t recommend her enough! One of the things that was really important to me in finding someone to work with was making sure they understood the balance that it was important for me to play between my home life and any evolution that I was going through. For me it was really important to make sure that one didn’t suffer as a result of the other and because Emma is family orientated, she really understood how I could do things better. Better for myself and for my family.”

Nicole Andan

“Not long after meeting Emma, I quit my job + set up my own marketing gig. That level of bold wasn't in my repertoire a year ago. But I am now getting paid to sit in my garden all day in the sunshine. I mean...Bold really ins't a bad thing, is it?!”

Lisa Bonita

Your Program Instructor

I'm ready for a new vibration!


  • Where and When Are The Sessions?

    8 live Zoom sessions will be held across a 5-week period, kicking off on June 7th. You will receive an email notification ahead of each live class, containing your access link. Our sessions will take place in the morning (GMT) when energy is high. If you are unable to attend live, each video will be recorded + uploaded in your membership platform for you to watch at a time that suits you.

  • What support do I get throughout the course?

    The course is created, delivered + supported by me: Emma Wakefield, CEO + Founder of Soul Success Alchemy. I am all about the energetics of evolutionary success for soul-led entrepreneurs… helping you to activate, alchemise + embody your magic is literally my life gig. Not only will I be supporting + guiding you every step of the way, but you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group, for all the info, updates, breakthroughs… and new spiritual besties who’ll be journeying right alongside you!

  • How long will I have access to the content?

    All the recorded teaching content will be accessible in your membership platform for a full year, should you require reminding + recharging at any point over the next 12 months.

  • Why should I invest in myself right now?

    The beautiful thing about placing value on you is that there is never a wrong time to do it. So let me ask you: DO you value yourself? Because that’s the message that investing in you boldly declares to the universe. If now is not the right time, you’ll know, and you’ll stop dropping by this page and wondering ‘what if’... if you’re ready for a powerful shift in trajectory, now’s your time.

  • Apply for a 50% VYBE program scholarship

    Thank you for your interest in applying for a 50% VYBE scholarship. Please email [email protected] to fill out the application and our team will be in touch within 72 hours of completion.

  • How do I know this will work for me?

    If you are a soul-led entrepreneur, seeking your next-level evolution, this programme is for you. If you want to embody an impactful, abundant + fully aligned outlook in life, business + soul, this programme is for you. If you believe in the power of high vibrational energy + manifestation but just aren’t seeing the results right now, this programme is for you. I created VYBE for the change makers, the spiritual side hustlers, and the future soul-led CEOs who are here to make a difference. If that’s your dream circle, you’re in exactly the right place.

  • What if I don’t like the program?

    Take a good look at all the details before signing up. The programme requires you to commit to fully showing up, following the action steps + exercises, and embedding the teachings. As such, there are no refunds once you’re inside. I ask that you only invest if you are truly ready to dedicate yourself to a bold + beautiful new vibration.