Course curriculum

    1. Session 1 - Introduction

    2. Session 2 - True Self Mastery

    3. Session 3 - Connection Insights Tool

    4. Session 4 - Unconscious Belief Templates

    5. Session 5 - The Nature of Chaos

    6. Session 6 - A Masked Reality

    7. Session 7 - Where are you truly operating from?

    8. Session 8 - The Connection Compass

    9. Bonus - Integration Session

    1. The Connection Compass PDF

    2. Areas of Connection - Insights Tool PDF

    3. Insights Tool + Questions

    1. How to continue to support this journey

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Self Directed Access for 3 months
  • Bonus Material + PDF's

Chaos & You

This is the compass that will help you navigate my powerful Lead to Gold Curriculum. 

We all find ourselves in our lead consciousness at different points in our life, no matter what stage of our evolutionary journey we're on. Lead is a place of confusion, chaos and overwhelm, a place where you can't see the path out, where you've lost trust in your own intuition.

Whilst strategy and business planning play a huge part in building a structure for your success, without the inner alchemy you will be avoiding opportunities for insight and evolution that will transform your relationships and business. 

Chaos to Connection will give you the keys you need to unlock your Gold self.                           

Within this course, you will use and integrate the tools I teach to access deeper self reflection on a 'whole self' level. So you can move through your experiences of chaos towards true connection. When you operate from your powerful Gold self state, you make greater choices, forge powerful relationships and access higher wisdom.

Meet your course guide

Emma Wakefield, Founder + Chief Alchemist

Emma will guide you through this journey, helping you to identify the area called to focus on throughout the course. Through her teachings of the nature of chaos, she will support you to witness your own relationship with tension and the blocks to accessing connection. Using the tool she created, Emma will teach you how to pause and reflect in moments of chaos, re-centre and realign yourself, and bring you back to a space of powerful connection. So you can make choices + create from a place of personal self mastery.

Testimonials from Students

“Chaos to Connection has been an amazing programme to be a part of! Through Emma's teachings I've learnt to recognise when I'm in my chaos, which is something I wouldn't have noticed before. When I'm in that place, I'm now more able to pause and use her incredible tool for reconnection! I've been able to put that into action since completing the course and it's really helped me to recognise the thoughts and feelings that I'm having in that moment and to bring myself back into a place of connection! I'm really looking forward to going back through the course with a different focus in mind. Thank you so much Emma ”

Jodie H

“Chaos to connection has been an amazing course. With Emma's beautiful way of weaving her magic, she has produced a tool that is enlightening and shines a light onto aspects of yourself that are not always comfortable, but always worth it for change to happen. I went from knowing what my issue was, to really seeing it for what it was. This made able to be more honest with myself and make positive changes in this area of my life. Thank you Emma for showing me the lead to gold pathway.”

Karen B

“WOW!! This course! Emma and the beautiful ladies within it have been amazing. Everyone deserves the powerfully transformative teachings within this course! If I've posted about it, you KNOW it'll blow your mind!”

Nicola S.

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